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Thursday, August 25, 2016

7. The "Floating" Bridge

One of the design challenges facing Robert Hugman was how to devise a walkway around the sharp turn beneath the North Presa Street bridge and its close supporting walls. His solution was to build a sidewalk of concrete slabs just above the water level supported by posts that would make the slabs appear to be floating on the river. He softened the angle by making the structure bow out into the river.

The posts were built of limestone blocks then covered with a uniform concrete finish. Hugman’s River Walk had few railings to preserve a sense of closeness to the river, but in the case of this narrow bridge he installed pipes at elbow level through posts on the outer perimeter. Hugman planned to add drama with the glow of electric lights beneath the bridge, but, as with a number of other embellishments he planned for the River Walk, they were never installed.

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